Cosmosoft stands as a distinguished brand in the realm of contact lenses, offering cutting-edge beauty solutions. Rooted in an avant-garde approach, our commitment is to provide products that effortlessly harmonize with your individual style. With a substantial presence in both Saudi Arabia and the GCC, Cosmosoft is unwaveringly devoted to setting a global benchmark, ensuring that our contact lenses redefine and elevate the user experience to a standard of unparalleled excellence

We have intricately curated Cosmosoft's visual identity, photography, and video production, ushering in a distinctive and captivating brand essence. This strategic approach has not only propelled the brand's digital presence to a consistent upward trajectory but has also facilitated its expansion from Saudi Arabia into the broader GCC region

Media & Visuals

We've crafted designs that elegantly highlight beauty

Centering on the essence of beauty, we spotlight exceptional outcomes with our lenses. Our approach upholds visual sophistication, ensuring a steadfast presentation of excellence

Social Media Overview

We simplified it, yet added a touch of joy & beauty

For Cosmosoft's social media enhancements, we established consistency through common graphic elements. Additionally, we purposefully designed layouts, strategically using selected colors and textures to define a distinct identity. Typography was leveraged to create hierarchy and clarity, ensuring effective communication of essential information to users
Media Production

Our media production approach for Cosmosoft seamlessly combines elegance and sleekness, rooted in the pursuit of objective beauty that perfectly aligns with the aspirations of our customers.

The videos were delicately crafted, ensuring a confident conveyance of the beauty message. Our assets were expressive, adding depth to the overall presentation.

The video production was exceptional


We faced the challenge of engaging a niche audience with diverse cultural backgrounds and distinct beauty standards

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