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    Sclupted By Aimee Connolly

Sculpted By Aimee, a beauty brand with an extraordinary aesthetic philosophy, offers meticulously crafted makeup products. Embracing the concept of comprehensive beauty, the brand champions purity, recognizing simplicity as the essence of true beauty

We have executed UI/UX designs and web development for Sculpted with a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our technical and creative teams prioritized individuality, ensuring a user experience that aligns seamlessly with the highest global standards


We embrace an approach that unveils the genuine essence of beauty, accentuating the pure nature of femininity

The creative design of Sculpted's website is aesthetically-oriented and naturally presented. We've created a smart interactive patterns and built-in browsing to build a simple and seamless user interface, as well as creating a website that simulates the pure nature of the brand's beauty sector
Before After

Effective UI Design application in terms of interaction and browsing

We’ve focused on the concept of connecting all the elements together to achieve an integrated unity of information then we highlighted everything through an effective visual models


Our challenge was to create an integrated model for a website that achieves the different idea of standing out from all

We employed a systematic approach from all angles, leveraging the technical expertise of our team in technology and incorporating creative contributions within an integrated branding framework. Our strength lies in the seamless integration of these forces

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