United is a brand specializing in state-of-the-art hair care devices. Our commitment lies in adopting an ultra-modern approach, delivering products that seamlessly integrate with the latest global technologies. With a robust presence in Saudi Arabia and the GCC, United is dedicated to elevating the user experience of its devices to a world-class standard

We've meticulously crafted the brand's visual identity, blending individuality and innovative art direction with systematic management. This approach has propelled the brand's digital presence to steady growth, expanding from Saudi Arabia into the broader GCC region

Media & Visuals

We've innovated designs that spotlight femininity with its high level of elegance

By centering on the essence of beauty, we highlight the exceptional outcomes achieved by using our brand's devices, renowned for their world-class hair care practices. Our approach steadfastly upholds visual sophistication, ensuring an uncompromised presentation of excellence

Website Overview

We made the interface simple
but yet smart

With regard to our UI enhancements for United, We created consistency and used common UI elements. On the other hand, We were purposeful in page layout and strategically used selected colors and textures for a specific identity. We've used typography to create hierarchy and clarity and made sure that the system communicates what's necessary for users.
Before After
Media Production

Our media production approach for United was simply beautiful, strategic, and built on the basis of objective beauty that go hand in hand with the customers' aspirations

The multimedia patterns were in general delicate but yet sure in conveying the message. With regard to our images , they were expressive without purposeless complications.

The video production were short but comprehensive


We encountered
the complexities
of reaching a niche
audience with distinct cultural backgrounds
and unique beauty standards

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